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Machine Learning and Chemistry
Chemists spend too long researching, and not having enough time to try
Also, there is too much to try and not enough time and money
Hits and tries must have led to the final published reaction but chemists just follow published protocol
New Chemical Entity
Pharmaceutical manufacturing costs have not changed in spite of Government Subsidies


Cosmic has developed its own machine learning algorithm called MOLECULEAI trademark

What differentiates us?

Conventional chem informatics databases provide published knowledge as raw data, MOLECULEAI is a power machine learning algorithm that has been trained to come up with a number of new reactions that it computes based on the published knowledge for any given molecule. We are steps ahead of all cheminformatics and even machine learning technologies out there.

Department of Chemistry that allows it to rapidly optimize millions of chemical reactions by automating the following processes

  • 01 Reaction starting materials
  • 02 Reaction time
  • 03 Reaction catalyst & reagents
  • 04 Reaction temperatures
  • 05 Solvent recovery & reuse
  • 06 Drying time & temperature

Our outcome and impact is simple...

We save time and money for the API R&D process by more than 10 fold on an average!