William R. Sutton B.S., MBA

William R. SuttonB.S., MBA

  • B. S., Polytechnic Institute
  • MBA, Saint John’s University
Special Interests
  • Business

Bill, a chemical engineer, and health care business executive, provides clients the expertise to address complex business strategies and manufacturing issues. Bill began consulting with Booz Allen in their Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Practice; later he founded the Quantic Group, a pharmaceutical consulting organization; and served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Kvaerner Business Consulting. Initially he emphasized R&D strategy and M&A work (often in conjunction with major investment banking firms) while in recent years, he has focused on managing large, complex strategic R&D management, manufacturing optimization and compliance programs.

Bills operating experience includes Manager of Operations for the Agricultural Chemicals Division of BASF in the 1970’s where his team supported the launch of Basagran, a highly successful herbicide. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s he served as founder and CEO of researchproteins Inc, an early stage company that used a proprietary technology licensed from the University of Maryland to provide small quantities of proteins to the discovery research organizations of major pharmaceutical companies. He successfully raised capital from state of NJ agencies (won the NJEDA award for best business plan) and private investors and obtained contracts from 7 major pharmaceutical companies. He currently consults for large and small Pharma companies.

Major accomplishments include:

· For a pharmaceutical and medical device company managed a supply chain management assignment called, “Worldwide Integrated Sourcing Plan”. A rigorous strategic, cost and engineering analysis that linked business strategy with manufacturing strategy was conducted to reach a consensus on the cost and benefits of change. As a result of this assignment, approximately 25% of the capacity was eliminated, but of greater importance, the operational improvements initiated served to dramatically lower cost. The value of the savings was publicly announced as $1.2 billion.

· For Warner Lambert, assembled and managed a team of 40 professionals that successfully brought three pharmaceutical plants in Puerto Rico into cGMP. In this landmark assignment, we were retained as a result of an FDA consent decree that required that an independent organization certify that the facility was in compliance; after which time the FDA would re-audit the facility. If they agreed with our organization’s assessment, they would release our client from several onerous penalties. The program was successful and the FDA concurred that the plants were detailed substantially compliant. Our approach was to develop a detailed protocol that addressed each of the subparts of CFR 211 as well as cross-functional issues that have received increasing FDA scrutiny, such as change control. After auditing the facilities and identifying deficiencies, we worked with the client to develop remedial action plans, monitored progress of these plans and certified that the remedial action was successfully completed and the issue was eliminated and was now compliant.

· For a major US ethical pharmaceutical & OTC drug company, we re-engineered QA operations including Quality Assurance, QC Laboratories and Validation. A new QA organization has been brought in and was faced with an organization that had a hostile adversarial relationship with operations and development caused by an extremely poor service level as measured by backlogs, turnaround time and retesting and a lack of precise, definitive standards for technology transfer and validation. Working with the organizations, and as a result of certain staffing changes, backlogs were eliminated, overtime was virtually eliminated and expectations were defined which greatly expedited the development process and resulted in substantial operational and cost improvements.

Bill received his B. S. from the Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn NY and an MBA from Saint John’s University NY, NY.

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